• "A+ I had a WONDERFUL experience at Nexus. Zachary Lott was kind, informative, and answered all my questions."

  • "Thorough, smart, comprehensive. Mr. Lott picked up on things in one visit other doctors over looked for years. I felt better the next day!"

  • "I went to Zach looking for help with fertility. My wife and I now have a baby boy!! After adjusting my hormone, I'm feeling better than ever!!!"

  • "Great experience and it was like no other! He took time to identify the root causes while developing the best plan to attack the problem."

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Integrative Health

New patient and follow-up patient integrative health consultations that focus on on cardiometabolic disease prevention, lipidology, hormone optimization, and quality of life for both men and women.

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Cardiovascular Disease Assessment

A simple, radiation-free, office exam has the ability to detect the person most at risk for a heart attack or stroke with accuracy of 98.6% (Balcara, 2001).

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Erectile Dysfuntion

Extracorporeal focused shockwave therapy (ESWT) for erectile dysfunction (ED) has been shown in multiple research studies (Link 1Link 2Link 3) to have a positive effect on improving quality of erections. 

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Supplement Consultation

60-moinute Integrative health consultation for non-pharmacologic intervention for health concerns.

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Nexus HealthSpan

Not only are we different, but we make a difference.

  • Personalized

    Every plan of care is customized to each individual who seeks the expert care of from the providers in our practice.

  • Integrative

    Throug a holistic approach to care, each individual is regarded and treated as an entire person.

  • Health

    Optimal should be considered as the new normal in the realm of individualized preventive medicine.

  • Prevention

    Our focus is on the prevention of the most common chronic diseases with the highest mortality.